Science and Technology Demonstrations

Below is a sample of experiments and technologies that can uniquely be explained with a unified model of physics. Also read up on our latest engineering model that we are developing to help explain these experiments and devices.

Papers about Energy from SpaceTime in Devices


Title: Photos of the Evans-Morris Effect

Description:The Evans-Morris Effect shows frequency shifts as light passes through solid and liquid mediums
Presenter: Gareth Evans and Trevor Morris
Tags:Evans-Morris Effect, Red Shift

Title: Anti-Friction Bearings Experiment

Description: This shows a side by side comparison of an untreated and a treated bike wheel, whereby the friction is greatly reduced allowing the wheel to spin for 18 minutes versus 3 minutes for the untreated wheel.
Presenter: Alex Hill
Tags: Relativistic Effects on Bearings

Title:Multiplying Circuit Demonstration

Description: These are a demonstration of multiplying circuits that greatly amplify the energy output enabling multiple devices to run on an energy source that would not normally support such a large load.
Presenter: Alex Hill
Tags: Multiplying Circuit, Zero Point Energy, Free Energy


Demo 1: Voltage Multiplied 5x

Demo 2: Voltage Multiplied 5x with Resistive Load

Demo 3: Power Multiplied by 10x

Title: Jeff Cook Effect
Description: Jeff presents unusual magnetic behavior he discovered and coined after himself.
Presenter: Jeff Cook
Tags: Spinning Magnets, Jeff Cook Effect, Cook Coil

Title:Radio Beam vorticity and Orbital Angular Momentum (B3 Field)
Description: Demonstration of Radio Wave vortex communication
Presenter:Bo Thide
Tags:Radio Wave Vortex, Helical, Orbital Angular Momentum

Title:Low Energy Nuclear Reaction series
Description:This is an up-to-date look at McKubre's own work and at some of the major trends in the field, especially the gas-loading approach pioneered by Arata and Piantelli, which and now the focus of the field, especially with Rossiow Energy Nuclear Reactions
Presenter:Dr. Mike McKubre

Tags:Cold Fusion, Low Energy Nuclear Reaction, LENR, Chemically Assisted Nuclear Reaction, CANR


Major Segments

Department of Energy Reference

Necessary but Not Sufficient Conditions

Gas-Loading Experiments

Experiments by Italian Scientists


Q&A Discussion

Title: Official Bedini 10 Coil Kit Infomercial

Description: John Bedini presents an infomercial selling his kit to build a magnetic generator.
Presenter: John Bedini
Site: Site:
Tags: Bedini, Vacuum Energy, Zero Point Energy

Title: Proving Overunity

Description: Steorn presents their orbo technology as evidence for capturing energy from the magnetic environment
Presenter: Sean McCarthy
Tags: Overunity, Orbo

Title: Library of Alternative and Forgotten Technologies
Presenter: Robert Nelson
Tags: Alternative Energy Technology

Title: Pure Energy Systems News
Tags: Alternative Energy News