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Unified Field Theory Papers

Teoría ECE

Papeles Tópicos

Aktuelle Arbeiten

Topical Papers

Principles of ECE Theory
Summary of the flaw in the Einstein Field Equation
ECE Theory Workshop Presentation History Introduction Overview Details


Proofs of the Unified Field Theory

Essays and Lectures

Original film script for The Universe of Myron Evans (MP3 Audio)
Paul Dirac's Lecture on Projected Geometry (MP3 Audio) Introduction Part 1 Part 2

Ensayo y Lecturo

Refutations and Rebuttals

Numerical Solutions

Reduction of the ECE Theory of Electromagnetism to the Maxwell-Heaviside Theory Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Omnia Opera: Publications of Myron Evans

16: The Motion of Simple Molecules in Liquids
39: Correlation and Memory Function Analyses of Molecular Motion in Fluids
470: Electron and Proton Spin Resonance Induced by Circularly Polarized Radiation: A Classical Derivation

Papers on Electrodynamics